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States of play: American fans to watch every Premier League live on NBC – and they’re pinching Match of the Day

Interesting (albeit incredibly patronising) article about the coverage of the Premier League stateside.


State-side soccer fans can whoop and holler their way through the entire Premier League season next year after officials signed a megabucks deal to show every single match-up – sorry, game – on NBC television.

Anglophile Americans won’t miss a flag on the play all season after NBC Sports Group announced it will show all 380 Premier League matches across its various channels and platforms – compared to the 154 matches available here in the UK, where the league is, well, you know, based.

If that’s not enough, viewers across the pond will get their own versions of Match of the Day and Match of the Day 2 and NBC have announced Gary Lineker, Lee Dixon, Graeme Le Saux, Robbie Earle and, more curiously, former Middlesbrough player Robbie Mustoe will be among their pundits.

But the knowledge of Lineker and co looks like it will be badly needed judging by the jargon…

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The joy of socks

In my experience, socks that feature cartoon characters or superheroes are usually of poor quality and don’t tend to last very long. Plain socks are cheaper and have a longer lifespan.

The door is over there

If you came here expecting a blog with a central, unifying theme, one that follows a logical and coherent thread and both informs and entertains, then I’m afraid you are out of luck. This is not the blog for you. You can show yourself out.