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Google perplex



YouTube is currently celebrating LGBT pride by displaying a rainbow heart next to its own logo. Meanwhile, over at the Google Play Store, the “Setting Captives Free” app is still available, despite widespread calls for its removal. The app claims to offer ‘freedom from the bondage of homosexuality’ and says it can ‘cure’ gay people in 60 days. Google will not pull this app because apparently it does not breach their guidelines.

It is one thing to rigidly apply your company’s policies in the face of public pressure, but quite another when to do so clearly undermines a cause that you are simultaneously claiming to support. Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil”, then it was “We don’t class harvesting wi-fi data without permission as evil”. Now it should be “We’re just so damn big now that we can be doing good in one building, evil in another and we just wouldn’t even know”.


Happy Matt Cain Day

A year ago today, Matt Cain pitched the 22nd perfect game in MLB history and the first by a San Francisco Giant. Cain retired all 27 Houston Astros batters, striking out 14 as the Giants won 10–0. The most memorable play of that game was surely Gregor Blanco’s diving catch in the top of the 7th inning:

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FAO 钭小姐

If you are out there “钭小姐”, I just want you to know that I received your email entitled “转:下半年行政工作安排”. It took me a while to get to it as it was in my spam folder for some reason. I can’t yet read the message, but once I have learnt Chinese I will definitely get back to you. Thanks.

Validation fail

In order to enter the Carlsberg-Tetley website, you must be of legal drinking age. Or at least, you need to have the ability to type in a date that fell at least 18 years ago. It doesn’t even need to be a realistic one. I tried the date of the Battle of Hastings and it seemed quite happy with that:


The lesson here is that if you’re a day short of your 18th birthday, you really should not be allowed to look at digital images of horrible, gassy lager. When you’re knocking on for 950 years old, however, it’s absolutely fine.

Sit down woman

Sit down woman

This article from The Sun is fairly typical of the ineptitude of the British tabloids when it comes to covering American sports. The focus of their report on the game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is a vacuous supermodel in the stands. Anyone wanting to find out what happened in the actual game will be sorely disappointed. They mention that the Yankees won, but omit the score. If you wanted to know who pitched, who scored the runs or what the game meant in the context of the season, you would have to look elsewhere.

Then again, perhaps should think about catering for Sun readers. I think it might look something like this:


AT&T Park sushi burrito

AT&T Park sushi burrito

It would appear that the lovechild of Ángel Pagán and Nate Schierholtz has found gainful employment as a chef.