Happy Matt Cain Day

A year ago today, Matt Cain pitched the 22nd perfect game in MLB history and the first by a San Francisco Giant. Cain retired all 27 Houston Astros batters, striking out 14 as the Giants won 10–0. The most memorable play of that game was surely Gregor Blanco’s diving catch in the top of the 7th inning:

…and this is hit out into the alleyway. A long run for Blanco. And Blanco’s gonna dive… and he makes the catch! Just an unbelievable catch here in the 7th inning. (Duane Kuiper, CSN Bay Area TV)

Here’s the 3–2 pitch on the way… and it is driven to right-center field. On the move Blanco, sprinting back, Gregor Blanco… reaches out, diving, he caught it! What a play by Gregor Blanco. And that’s when you start to think it might happen. What a tremendous, amazing catch by Blanco. Sprinting back and to his right. And an all-out dive ends up on the warning track. That’s one of the great plays you’ll ever see, EVER. (Dave Flemming, KNBR radio)

Cain also scored a run in the 5th inning, the only time that a pitcher has scored a run in his “perfecto”. He threw 125 pitches, the most of any perfect game. The 125th pitch went something like this:

But now looking in to Buster Posey. One ball and two strikes. On the ground… Arias from deep third… got him! And that’s a perfect game! (Duane Kuiper, CSN Bay Area TV)

Cain with that look of determination. Starts his windup, his 1–2 pitch… is grounded toward third. Arias has it, stumbles, throws to first! And he did it! Matt Cain is the first pitcher in the 128 years of the Giants franchise to pitch a perfect game. (Dave Flemming, KNBR radio)

Cain is on the mound tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates. While another perfect game may be a little too much to ask for, an imperfect “W” would do just fine.




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