Google perplex



YouTube is currently celebrating LGBT pride by displaying a rainbow heart next to its own logo. Meanwhile, over at the Google Play Store, the “Setting Captives Free” app is still available, despite widespread calls for its removal. The app claims to offer ‘freedom from the bondage of homosexuality’ and says it can ‘cure’ gay people in 60 days. Google will not pull this app because apparently it does not breach their guidelines.

It is one thing to rigidly apply your company’s policies in the face of public pressure, but quite another when to do so clearly undermines a cause that you are simultaneously claiming to support. Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil”, then it was “We don’t class harvesting wi-fi data without permission as evil”. Now it should be “We’re just so damn big now that we can be doing good in one building, evil in another and we just wouldn’t even know”.



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