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Desmond 2-2

With the score at 2-2 and the count at two balls and two strikes, Ian Desmond of the Washington Nationals hits his first career grand slam (19 June 2013, at Philadelphia Phillies). The archbishop would surely approve.

M&S: The ‘S’ stands for Sycophants


I have no idea what Marks & Spencer were thinking when they put this notice in the fruit juice section. It seems somewhat unlikely that Kate and Wills would happen to pop down to the high street for an overpriced salad and a carton of smoothie, so the congratulations will probably never reach the intended recipients. Of course, M&S aren’t really congratulating the Cambridges so much as they are congratulating a) themselves, for showing just how abreast they are of current affairs, and b) you, the shopper, for your impeccable choice of food outlet. A much better notice would have been:

“Do you like the royal family? You do? That’s great! Now buy some f**king sushi.”

Manic Monday

For connoisseurs of precision punting, here is Will Monday’s effort from the 2012 Belk Bowl.


A year on from London 2012 and there still seem to be plenty of Olympic baseball caps around. Even though the baseball cap has long since outgrown baseball, it still seems somewhat ironic that the former is one of the most popular pieces of Olympic merchandise, while the latter was taken out of the Olympic Games for 2012 and beyond. Then again, maybe baseball is better off out of the corporate clusterf**k that is the modern Olympics (please tell me again about how it “brought the whole country together”… for the bargain sum of £9 billion). Did I mention that I hate Sebastian Coe?

Among IOC chief Jacque Rogge’s criteria for baseball to get back into the Olympics are to get the “top athletes” (i.e. major leaguers) involved. Yet if you look at (say) the football squads for London 2012, there seems to be a double standard in operation. Most of the players were aged under 23 and you could not by any stretch call it a showcase of the world’s best footballers (that is what the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup are for). Rogge also said that baseball needs to be in strict compliance with WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, so it seems strange that cycling, with all of its doping problems of the last few years, has not been jettisoned from the games as well. And I say that as a long-time fan of the Tour de France.

Maybe baseball will get back to the Olympics one day, but if it means pandering to the IOC and disrupting the MLB season, I don’t think it would be worth it.

“Let There Be Beer”. Oh dear.

“Let There Be Beer”. Oh dear.

I was considering spouting off about the generic beer campaign “Let There Be Beer”, but the Sell! Sell! blog has already nailed it, and far more eloquently than I ever could. Good work there.

Oh, and happy 7th of April everyone.