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Slam funk

The San Francisco Giants are the only team in Major League Baseball not to have hit a grand slam this season. There’s still time, but even if they don’t manage it, we can always look back on this:

Ton up

This blog recently reached the dual milestones of 100 views and its first ‘like’. Given that I haven’t received any negative feedback thus far (still plenty of time though), that equates to 99% indifference, which is pretty much what I set out to achieve. Job done.

More useless age validation

Continuing our “lagers throughout history” series, those born on the day of the Battle of Trafalgar will be delighted that Carling allows them to view their website:


#BTS : Baseball Televised, Sorta

I finally have a subscription to BT Sport and all it took was about an hour’s worth of phonecalls and a great deal of facepalming. This means that baseball is now back on my television, with MLB having moved from ESPN America to the “new” BT-owned ESPN channel. On the face of it, not much has changed. The new ESPN channel is very similar to the old ESPN America in its approach to live baseball coverage: simply plug into the host broadcaster’s feed and away you go. Sadly, the random “Top Plays” highlight clips that ESPN America used to show between frames have been replaced by adverts. Speaking of which, why are those Jacamo boys so bent on revenge? Exactly how did those girls wrong them? Perhaps the ladies in question all work for BT customer services.

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BT Sport, you make me angry

It’s too soon and I’m still too annoyed to talk about BT Sport. Instead, let’s enjoy these pandas going down a slide.