Errors just like grammar used to make

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals on reaching the World Series. They had the best records during the regular season and deserve their success, though I can’t help thinking that the Detroit Tigers lost the ALCS more than the Sox won it. Hopefully it will be a classic World Series with an extra-inning victory in game 7.

Commiserations to the designer of the Red Sox celebratory T-shirt that read “If you see this, your in second”. I know that they have to rush the commemorative merchandise out there within moments of the winning play, but surely a few more seconds could have been spared to run that thing through the spelling and grammar checker?


Meanwhile, ESPN informs us that there is more “parody” (i.e. parity) in college football’s Southeastern Conference. Maybe ESPN is trying to become a parody of a sports channel. What we actually learned in week 8 was that the intern who wrote that caption will soon be wished well in his or her future endeavours.




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