World Series almost upon us

Baseball’s “Fall Classic” is only hours away, as the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox prepare to meet at Fenway Park in game 1 of the 2013 World Series. The Sox and Cards, winners of the American League and National League respectively, both won 97 games during the regular season and both teams won their respective league championship series in six games. This suggests that we could be in for a closely fought series. Here in the UK, all of the games will be broadcast live (at the usual unsociable hours) on BT Sport 1, but the TV trailer has been less than inspiring:

It’s World Series time and I’m here to tell you, you need to watch more baseball. You get to see your team play nearly every day. Imagine that in soccer… “I’m too tired to play twice a week”. And just imagine the world without baseball caps – I’m wearing one now! There could be 7 games in the World Series, your finals last for 80 or 90 minutes. Don’t limit the drama, just play ball! The MLB World Series: it’s like the Ashes with hot dogs!”

You can just imagine the creative brief. “OK guys, what we want for this trailer is a lot of shouting, patronising and general irrelevance. Make it sound as “American” as possible, whatever that means. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t tell them which two teams are playing, who the starting pitchers are or what the time of the first pitch will be.”

The visual side of the trailer is somewhat better, however. Accompanying the noise is a quickly edited, blink and you’ll miss it photo montage of triumphant moments from previous World Series. As a San Francisco Giants fan, it warmed my heart to see stills from the 2012 World Series parade, particularly given the Giants’ disappointing 2013 campaign. The pictures included Sergio Romo in his “I just look illegal” T-shirt and a shot of Buster and Mrs Posey waving to the crowd. Somewhat bizarrely, the final picture (alongside the “Ashes with hot dogs” bit) shows Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum enjoying a superimposed cartoon hot dog. With the announcement today of a new two-year, $35m contract, he might just about be able to afford the real thing.




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