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Two nil… and you f**ked it up

This week’s Monday Night Football in the Premier League featured a Midlands derby between West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa. It is a rivalry steeped in history, so much so that many Albion fans consider Villa, rather than Wolverhampton Wanderers, to be their main local rivals. The two clubs first met in a Staffordshire Senior cup tie in 1882. Both were founder members of the Football League in 1888 and contested three FA Cup Finals during the 19th Century. Hostilities ceased somewhat during the 1990s, when Albion were permanently outside the top division, but have been renewed since then.

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The Inaccurate Reception

Saturday’s game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers was undoubtedly the most dramatic game of college football (and quite possibly American football as a whole) I have seen and I’m sure it will be one that lives long in the memory. In terms of recent sporting drama, it was comparable with Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and Manchester City’s last day win in the 2011–12 Premier League. Just watching on television was nailbiting enough, so how it was for those in attendance, I can scarcely imagine.

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When technology goes bad

So I kept on shouting, “Xbox on!, Xbox on!”

Still nothing happened.

Then I remembered that I don’t have an Xbox.

This story has legs

Veteran BBC broadcaster David Dimbleby recently got his first tattoo. The tattoo depicts a six-legged scorpion (scorpions actually have eight legs), but the 75-year-old Dimbleby said that he didn’t spot the mistake. It is unlikely that he would have, since it is inked on the back of his shoulder. In any case, he says that he has no plans to correct it.

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