Stand aside Mets, it’s the WBA Twelve Days of Christmas

Morgan, just look into the camera and say the line. Do exactly as we say and your family will not be harmed.

This Christmas greeting from West Bromwich Albion takes up the baton from the New York Mets and indeed has many of the same ingredients, including bad singing, a scary mascot and an undercurrent of awkwardness.

Sadly, the Albion decided to skimp on the graphics, probably the result of a directive from chairman Jeremy Peace. But what they lack in quality, they make up for in quantity, as the festive fun is dragged out to new levels of tedium. Even after 12 iterations, I couldn’t work out what Youssouf Mulumbu was trying to say, but apparently it is “a Throstle in a Hawthorn Tree”.

Of course, what West Brom really need for Christmas is a new manager/head coach, ideally one that can guide them to Premier League safety. If the performance on the pitch in 2014 is as good as the singing, however, second-tier football surely awaits us Baggies fans. Season’s greetings everyone.

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