Nouvelle don’t give a s**t about grammar

Below is an email I received from Nouvelle, a manufacturer of toilet tissue, following an objection I raised about the wording of their environmental responsibilities on their packaging. In fairness to them, this exchange took place almost a year ago, so the error may have been fixed by now, but at the time I found little joy. I even followed up with a suggestion that they should change “lorries” to “lorreez”, so as to better dumb down connect wiv da yoof of 2day.

Good Morning

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we do understand and accept your concern about our use of “less lorries” over “fewer lorries”.  We have found when marketing recycled products that overly formal or even merely correct language can seem stiff and formal and can cause some consumers to think it is not for them.  We therefore strive to use  a more colloquial turn of phrase in warmer, accessible language.  While aware that “fewer lorries” is correct, our designers felt that “less lorries” with the alliteration of the two “l”s created a more flowing sound and looked more visually balanced on their designs.

Kind Regards,

NouvelleSoft Bathroom Tissue

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One response to “Nouvelle don’t give a s**t about grammar”

  1. biowrite says :

    Good on you for tackling them about this. I have even noticed this mistake in BBC news bulletins!

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