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Ruins on New York’s abandoned island reclaimed by nature

Ruins on New York’s abandoned island reclaimed by nature

This video short on the BBC website provides a look at an overgrown but formerly inhabited island.

In a similarly post-apocalyptic vein, this is what Wrigley Field might look like in 50 years time. It would be nice to see the Cubs finally win another World Series before the end of all humanity, though 50 years sounds a bit unrealistic.


He’s gotta be… so Machi


According to CSNBAYAREA.COM, Jean Machi’s nickname is actually baquiro (wild boar), but personally I think “vulture” sounds better. That or “Machi the Machine”. Here’s his sacrifice bunt against the Pirates that helped him on his way to relief win number 5 this season.

And let’s not forget that 1-2-3 double play against the Dodgers.

Giants at Pirates, 5 May 2014

The game in verse:

The Giants head for Pittsburgh to take on the Bucs
And Andrew McCutchen chases some ducks
Petit in for Cain, we expect something great
But he gives up 9 hits and runs numbering 8
Dunning’s wild pitches, two in an inning
The Giants are losing and the Pirates are winning
Bring on the rally, bat all the way round
The crack of the bats is a comforting sound
Now here comes Buster, in the 9th ties the game
Get ready for at least one additional frame
Time for free baseball at PNC Park
Best hurry up as it’s getting quite dark
What’s this? A sac bunt, laid down by Machi
His five wins the most in the whole MLB
Another save for Romo – that’s 10 on the year
Six wins in a row, there’s plenty to cheer
But the home run streak ends on this long drawn-out night
20 hits on the board and not a long ball in sight

Final score (13): Giants 11 Pirates 10

According to Baseball Reference, this is only the third time since the move to San Francisco (1959, 1961, 2014) that the Giants have had 20 or more hits in a game without adding a home run. All three games were against the Pirates.

Giants at Braves, 2 May 2014

Here’s my review.

Kuip said “Morse back” as Pagan hit it out
I’m not sure what he was talking about
Lincecum improving, his ERA down
More like the old Timmy back on the mound
He left with the lead after pitching through six
The Giants had 8 hits and one was from Hicks
As Hudson looked on at his old stomping ground
Crawford flashed leather and spun right around
Flemming called yet another dinger from Morse
Affeldt got a hold, and Casilla of course
If the Giants could win now, that would be great
And Romo got it done with save number 8.

Final score: Giants 2 Braves 1