And the walk… of life

In the UK in the 1980s, there was no MLB TV, no ESPN and almost no baseball on television. Channel 4 did give over a few hours to the World Series in the middle of the decade, but it never really took off here to anything like the same extent as the NFL. Though I collected the few Topps baseball cards produced for the UK market and read the excellent Book of Baseball, my first exposure to the game very probably came from an even less likely source.

Dire Straits were one of the biggest bands of the 1980s and their album Brothers in Arms went multi-platinum across the world. Though the single “Money for Nothing” had an iconic and pioneering video to accompany it, “Walk of Life” a catchy, upbeat song about busking, was also very memorable. The video for the latter featured American football fumbles, basketball coaches getting upset and baseball players crashing into each other (I must have spent my formative years thinking that baseball was a contact sport). All of this was interspersed with typical ’80s footage of a rock band playing on stage. You know the drill: it looked cool at the time, then it was embarrassing, and by now it’s probably in vogue again, but in a slightly ironic way.

Headbands, white suits and American sports bloopers. Enjoy.


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