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More useless age validation

Continuing our “lagers throughout history” series, those born on the day of the┬áBattle of Trafalgar will be delighted that Carling allows them to view their website:


“Let There Be Beer”. Oh dear.

“Let There Be Beer”. Oh dear.

I was considering spouting off about the generic beer campaign “Let There Be Beer”, but the Sell! Sell! blog has already nailed it, and far more eloquently than I ever could. Good work there.

Oh, and happy 7th of April everyone.

Validation fail

In order to enter the Carlsberg-Tetley website, you must be of legal drinking age. Or at least, you need to have the ability to type in a date that fell at least 18 years ago. It doesn’t even need to be a realistic one. I tried the date of the Battle of Hastings and it seemed quite happy with that:


The lesson here is that if you’re a day short of your 18th birthday, you really should not be allowed to look at digital images of horrible, gassy lager. When you’re knocking on for 950 years old, however, it’s absolutely fine.