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Baseball In The Dark – China Drum

And the walk… of life

In the UK in the 1980s, there was no MLB TV, no ESPN and almost no baseball on television. Channel 4 did give over a few hours to the World Series in the middle of the decade, but it never really took off here to anything like the same extent as the NFL. Though I collected the few Topps baseball cards produced for the UK market and read the excellent Book of Baseball, my first exposure to the game very probably came from an even less likely source. Read More…

[Had a Good Idea On] Monday

China Drum (+ The Fear)
York Fibbers, Monday 2nd December 2013

China Drum are back together and out on the road after a 13-year hiatus, so I went along to Fibbers in York to take a gander (gander… goose… oh never mind). The band, from Ovingham in the North East of England, were originally active throughout the 1990s and released three albums—Goosefair (1996), Self Made Maniac (1998) and Diskin (2000)—before breaking up. For the third album, they changed their name to The Drum, but it was their earlier material that I most remember. Their brand of melodic punk rock should probably have made them much bigger than they were and they were certainly more deserving of success than most of the indie posers who seemed to dominate that decade.

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