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Football is more popular than baseball

But not in a good way.


28 years later

Oops. Will write this later.

Happy New Year!

Feel good music

“Feel Good Drag” by Anberlin. Also known as catcher Andrew Susac‘s walk-out music…

You know you were born in the 1980s when…

You look at your birth certificate and notice that the year begins with “198”.

Ruins on New York’s abandoned island reclaimed by nature

Ruins on New York’s abandoned island reclaimed by nature

This video short on the BBC website provides a look at an overgrown but formerly inhabited island.

In a similarly post-apocalyptic vein, this is what Wrigley Field might look like in 50 years time. It would be nice to see the Cubs finally win another World Series before the end of all humanity, though 50 years sounds a bit unrealistic.


Country music, Droitwich style

Givvi Flynn provides a great performance of “Unlucky in Love”, a charming little number originating from the 1999 Clam Abuse album, Stop Thinking. Contains some adult themes.

The (United) Road Less Travelled

If you happened to miss it – and if you did, lucky you – David Moyes was this week relieved of his duties as the manager of Manchester United Football Club. The media frenzy that followed included Sky Sports suddenly turning into the 24-hour “David Moyes sacking channel”. I didn’t watch it, but I imagine that it probably involved lots of people talking about David Moyes. It is fairly safe to say that various pundits were sat around in the studio talking about David Moyes, while other people stood outside Old Trafford also talking about David Moyes. There may very well have been a great deal of speculation, some chat, a bit more speculation, a healthy dose of hype, some more speculation and the odd fact thrown in for good measure. I’m more than happy to speculate on just how much speculation there was.

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