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The (United) Road Less Travelled

If you happened to miss it – and if you did, lucky you – David Moyes was this week relieved of his duties as the manager of Manchester United Football Club. The media frenzy that followed included Sky Sports suddenly turning into the 24-hour “David Moyes sacking channel”. I didn’t watch it, but I imagine that it probably involved lots of people talking about David Moyes. It is fairly safe to say that various pundits were sat around in the studio talking about David Moyes, while other people stood outside Old Trafford also talking about David Moyes. There may very well have been a great deal of speculation, some chat, a bit more speculation, a healthy dose of hype, some more speculation and the odd fact thrown in for good measure. I’m more than happy to speculate on just how much speculation there was.

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Horses running and jumping

Today sees the staging of the 167th Grand National, a horse race held at Aintree, near Liverpool. By way of clarification, I should say that by “staging”, I mean “taking place” or “being organised”. I don’t wish to imply that horse racing is “staged” in the same way as, say, professional wrestling. No, there is definitely no impropriety whatsoever in horse racing. It’s all well above board. Which is good to know, given that it is a sport based completely around gambling.

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The BBC reports that a Kenyan boy has turned his junk into jewellery. That does sound pretty painful. I mean, I’ve heard of a Prince Albert but this seems to be taking things a step too far. Who knows, perhaps he will even turn his ring into a ring.

BBC News: Kenyan boy turns junk into jewellery

An open letter to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency


You are quite right to be concerned about the content of Irn Bru. As this advert on YouTube clearly shows, Irn Bru is “made in Scotland from girders”. People should not consume girders. Girders are bad for you.


The United Kingdom

How Coca-Cola could double their revenue overnight

Instead of encouraging people to “share a coke”, get everyone to buy their own.

I’ll take a 1% commission on increased profits, thanks.

Nouvelle don’t give a s**t about grammar

Below is an email I received from Nouvelle, a manufacturer of toilet tissue, following an objection I raised about the wording of their environmental responsibilities on their packaging. In fairness to them, this exchange took place almost a year ago, so the error may have been fixed by now, but at the time I found little joy. I even followed up with a suggestion that they should change “lorries” to “lorreez”, so as to better dumb down connect wiv da yoof of 2day.

Good Morning

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we do understand and accept your concern about our use of “less lorries” over “fewer lorries”.  We have found when marketing recycled products that overly formal or even merely correct language can seem stiff and formal and can cause some consumers to think it is not for them.  We therefore strive to use  a more colloquial turn of phrase in warmer, accessible language.  While aware that “fewer lorries” is correct, our designers felt that “less lorries” with the alliteration of the two “l”s created a more flowing sound and looked more visually balanced on their designs.

Kind Regards,

NouvelleSoft Bathroom Tissue

A (Very) Concise History of Racism in Wrestling, 1980-Present

A (Very) Concise History of Racism in Wrestling, 1980-Present

An interesting piece about racial stereotypes in professional wrestling, by “The Masked Man”.