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Take two

Yeah, I know, I know. It’s Christmas Day and I’m supposed to be unwrapping the turkey and carving the presents or whatever. I’ll return to all that shortly, but first I need to take a few moments to update you on some exciting news regarding the West Bromwich Albion Twelve Days of Christmas, which I first reported on yesterday.

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Stand aside Mets, it’s the WBA Twelve Days of Christmas

Morgan, just look into the camera and say the line. Do exactly as we say and your family will not be harmed.

This Christmas greeting from West Bromwich Albion takes up the baton from the New York Mets and indeed has many of the same ingredients, including bad singing, a scary mascot and an undercurrent of awkwardness.

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New York Mets, you sleigh me

Although my belief system lies somewhere within that unholy trinity of atheism, agnosticism and apathy, I’m certainly not averse to seasonal celebration. The true spirit of Christmas is invoked in this raucous and not-at-all-awkward seasonal video message from the New York Mets. I particularly like the baseball-headed people.